Ranger Basics is a one-day hands-on experience that teaches how to run successful outpost meetings, how to use the Rangers curriculum and advancement system, and how to build healthy relationships with boys and young men. You also learn soul-winning techniques for evangelism and to see how Royal Rangers can be an important part for helping your pastor in fulfilling the vision for the local church. This course features instruction by trained Royal Ranger leaders who bring their real world experiences into the classroom to answer all your questions and concerns.

Ranger Essentials is a one-day fun, interactive-style training event. You will learn how to connect with today’s boys, along with recognizing ministry needs and outreach opportunities. You will discover how to give life-changing devotions and how to mentor boys and young men into spiritual and servant leaders. The interactive classroom experience will help develop relationship and networking for those who attend not only with district staff, but also with other outposts and their resources.


The lives of courageous men wrote the history of our nation. Bold Courage! These men stood up when others depended on them. The best were servant leaders. The Frontiersman Camping Fellowship (FCF) is an elite special program in Royal Rangers that provides boys and men with additional opportunities to develop specialized outdoor skills based on the lore and traditions of the early American frontiersman. FCF is where every boy can find a “dad”, every man can help a “son”, and everyone is never without a brother in Christ.


WORKING WITH BOYS WITH DISABILITIES: One of the greatest challenges facing churches in their educational and ministerial goals for its youth ministries is learning how to assess and meet the needs of children with disabilities. This course will provide techniques, methods of instruction change, and anecdotal stories illustrating how we can work with boys with disabilities. At the end, you will be asked to write a plan to help a boy with a disability. The results of that plan will depend upon your ability to recall information from this course and follow the guidelines of making accommodations for boys with disabilities. This course also provides a certificate of completion to document the acquired competency.



The course title defines the purpose—to prevent child and substance abuse. First, you must realize your limitations. Most child and substance abuse occurs within the home or with close acquaintances. Therefore, the role you play is small but not insignificant. You can have three roles:

1) A proactive role is training the boys about the dangers of substance abuse and mentoring them to be overcomers, not victims. You also learn how to prevent predators from entering the church.

2) An active role is teaching them how to be godly men. This role comes because you are working with boys on a day-to-day basis. You are also active because you are watching them to assure their safety, whether you provide a safe camping environment or take notice of physical abuse to their bodies.

3) A reactive role is alerting parents to the potentiality of substance abuse on the part of their son, reporting incidents of abuse to the proper authorities, and providing the necessary comfort or resources to properly counsel the abused boy. This course is a must for all children and youth ministry workers and pastoral staff.


The outpost chaplain functions as the spiritual advisor of the outpost. He should be conscious of the spiritual needs of the boys and offer spiritual guidance to each. He should see that the opportunity is provided for every boy to receive Christ as Lord and Savior and should encourage boys to seek the infilling of the Holy Spirit. In this course you will learn how to select an outpost chaplain who has the proper qualifications and about the chaplain's duties and responsibilities. You will also learn about the Chaplain Aide, a boy's position in the outpost and how to better train upcoming spiritual leaders.


The success of a Royal Rangers outpost can be greatly improved with a supportive and effective Outpost Committee. A successful Outpost Committee is one that is committed to supporting the local Royal Rangers outpost in the areas of promotion, leadership, and finances. This foundational support will enable the Group Leaders to fulfill the mission of the Royal Rangers ministry to evangelize, equip, and empower the next generation of Christ-like men and life-long servant leaders. In this course you will learn how to select an Outpost Committee, their qualifications, responsibilities and duties. Existing Outpost Committee members will learn how to select outpost leadership including the OutpostCoordinator and Group Leaders.


So you’ve been appointed outpost coordinator? Congratulations! You’ve accepted what may be the most important position in your ministry to the church. In Royal Rangers, the outpost coordinator is the focal point for parents and church leadership, the voice and face of Royal Rangers in the local church, and he is the team leader that helps make this ministry successful. The outpost coordinator holds the top leadership position in the Royal Rangers outpost at the local church. While the key to the success of a Royal Rangers program is the pastor, the pastor needs a go-to man with a vision to coordinate the Royal Ranger ministry. This course should add knowledge to that vision to enable you to fulfill the mission both your pastor and of the Royal Rangers ministry to evangelize, equip, and empower the next generation of Christ-like men and life-long servant leaders.